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Our archaeological reproductions are made by our artisans in a manual manner. This is why the delivered products may have slight variations in terms of color or contrast as compared to the these photos. As an honest proof that they are handmade.

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Aztec culture
Reproduction of a basalt stone, 4m in diameter and almost 24 tones,discovered in the center of the former aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan - today, the Zocalo Square in Ciudad de Mexico. It contains many symbols surrounding god Tonatiuh - The Fifth Sun - master of time ages. On the right and the left side, Tonatiuh has got hands holding, each of them, a human heart, - a symbol of sacrifice allowing the sun trajectory to be completed. The 4 figures represent the ending dates of each of the four previous Suns (humanities). The top square shows Red 13th, the birth date of the Fifth Sun. The next circle contains 20 hieroglyphs with the names of the days. The next circles contain a venusian calendar, with complex astronomical references. The outer ring is being formed by two snakes, facing each other, as a simbol of contraries and the dual nature of the world. It is also called “Eagle‘s Cup” or “The Fifth Sun‘ Stone”. Naţional Museum of Anthropology and History, Ciudad de Mexico. Aprox. 750 A.D.
Veneer stone.
Size: diam.24cm

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